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Press brake technology

In the world of steel fabrication, a brass brake device is very important because it allows us to bend very tough sheet or plate steel into a new shape. With the right device, this means that we can potentially make a complex fabrication from a single piece of steel.


Why is bending so important?

It might seem like this is a lot of hassle. Why not just weld together two pieces of steel if you need a special piece of equipment to bend it? The answer’s simple: a fabrication made from multiple pieces of metal will not be as strong as a single piece of bent metal, it won’t last as long and it’ll take longer to finish due to welding time.

Press brake fabrications made to specification

Our press brake is an advanced model capable of making very varied and complex fabrications. This means that we can use the machine to make items to your specifications. Contact us us to discuss what you need and whether press braking is the way forward.

For seamless press brake fabrications call us on 01909 473 250